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About this collection

This digital archive consists of personal photos from a visit to the Mullin Automotive Museum. It includes 188 digital photos of the cars, placard descriptions and displays.

This trial archive was created using photo captions and "tags" (keywords) added to the digital photos in Google's (free) Picasa photo editing program. The captions and tags were extracted by Greenstone as "embedded metadata" to classify and organize the images.

Picasa captions can be found in the standard embedded metadata category "XMP.Description" and keywords/tags are located in the "XMP.Subject" category.

How to find information in the Mullin Automotive Museum collection

There are 3 ways to find information in this collection:

  • search for particular words that appear in the text by clicking the Search button
  • browse documents by XMP.Description by clicking the Captions (XMP) button
  • browse documents by XMP.Subject by clicking the Keywords (XMP) button
Created February 1, 2013 by Bob Schmitt (

Enhanced at the University of Waikato February 13, 2013.

Updated February 26, 2013