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An Archive of Frazer Nash Cars and Related Digital Assets

1. This is a demonstration Greenstone Digital Library collection using sample Frazer Nash digital assets and a few Frazer Nash web pages from the Frazer Nash Car Club and the websites.
2. The collection was distributed initially on a data DVD, November, 2011.
3. A complete list of Frazer Nash cars was added in January, 2012.
4. The collection became Internet accessible as part of on May 15, 2012.
5. "Best archive practices" were initiated July 15, 2013. New material now has improved metadata descriptors for better indexing and search results.
6. At least two photos of each car on the Frazer Nash Car Club Raid to New England were added on October 31, 2013. Many of these are in the the "document title" tab.
7. Many Frazer Nash magazine articles were added on May 27, 2014. The article titles are in the "document title" tab.

Note: The "record_id" tab which shows the year, model and serial number of each car, if known
and "document title", which shows titles of documents and photos, are good places to start browsing.
Comments and corrections invited and appreciated!

How to find information in the Frazer Nash collection

There are 6 ways to find information in this collection:

  • search for particular words that appear in the text by clicking the Search button
  • browse documents by XMP.Title by clicking the Document Title button
  • browse documents by Record_ID by clicking the Record_ID button
  • browse documents by Model by clicking the Model button
  • browse documents by Serial_No by clicking the Serial_No button
  • browse documents by Year by clicking the Year button
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